Carofiglio fish products: fish products of the highest quality since 1920

Sale and wholesale distribution of fresh, frozen and processed fish products. We operate at both an Italian and European level, thanks to our presence in the main markets of Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Ireland.

After a long tradition with its origins in the 1920s, following in the footsteps of his father Michele Carofiglio opened a fish and fish products stall in the Bari neighbourhood market in 1982. A few years later, he expanded his business by starting a business dedicated to the importing and exporting of fish products. Thus was born in 2003 PRODOTTI ITTICI CAROFIGLIO SRL, a company from Bari which is increasingly establishing itself on the Italian and European markets.

It imports and exports fresh, frozen and processed fish products daily, to and from all over Europe. The professionals at its helm have a wealth of experience in this sector, having carried out important work in the fishing sector for over 20 years, in Southern Italy's wholesale market.

Experience and a broad customer base confirms the effectiveness of their work and the quality of the product. These results have been made possible thanks to the work of a large team: 15 professionals who every day closely follow quality and customer satisfaction objectives.

Gagang Fishmongers

To meet the demands of customers who are increasingly attentive to product quality and freshness, we have the experience and the techniques necessary to process and bring to market a fish product of the highest quality. We are also present throughout the Bari area with several Gagang Fishmongers sales points, in various areas around Bari.

We offer fresh, frozen and defrosted fish products, whole but also processed (filleted, scaled, skinned and packaged).
The company deals with fresh local fish, imported fish and fish products reared in the sea, in order to offer a range of proposals within the fish sector, making us a point of reference in the Apulian territory.
Find out more about the options in Bari for buying a fresh fish product frozen on board, or the fresh product frozen on land. In both cases, freezing best maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the fish.
Discover all Gagang Fishmongers' fish specialties. At our stores you will find our highly valued marinated salmon, fresh octopus salad, cuttlefish, octopus and much more. At our fishmongers you can request that your chosen fish be prepared and filleted, scaled and packaged, and also cut however you like.

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Prodotti Ittici Carofiglio: sulle tavole dei baresi pesce fresco con garanzia di alta qualità

Pesce freschissimo, pluridecennale esperienza nel settore ed estrema cura nella conservazione delle materie prime.
La Prodotti Ittici Carofiglio è una vera istituzione nel capoluogo pugliese. I baresi hanno imparato ad apprezzarla... Leggi l'articolo su Ansa

Prodotti ittici Carofiglio

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